IMB Annual Report: HMP & YOI Wormwood Scrubs June 2013 – May 2014
10.5 The work of the Community Chaplaincy has energised volunteers from outside the prison to undergo training and meet selected prisoners three months before they are due to be released. The mentor and the prisoner eventually meet at the gate and then beyond in the community. This is a significant achievement and one which the Board celebrates.

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Prison Mentoring? A critical study questioning and evaluating the effectiveness of prison mentoring in regards to the resettlement of inmates after release. July 2014
Completed as part of the BA Criminal Justice undergraduate course supervised by The University of Westminster.

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WSCC Mentoring Scheme: An Evaluation, October 2013

Completed as part of the Mentoring & Befriending Foundation Monitoring & Evaluation programme.


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IMB Annual Report: HMP Wormwood Scrubs June 2012 – May 2013

‘The Community Chaplaincy addresses offending behaviour and looks at reducing re-offending by using mentors and working on links with the community. The mentoring scheme is for convicted prisoners of any faith or no faith.’ Download full report below. Find Community Chaplaincy from 5.21 – 5.23.

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Community Chaplaincy Evaluation Report: September 2011

Dr Philip Whitehead, Reader in Criminal and Social Justice School of Social Sciences and Law at Teesside University UK, has completed his evaluation report of research at six Community Chaplaincy projects in England and Wales. See the full report here.

Evaluation of Wormwood Scrubs Community Chaplaincy: July 2011

Senior lecturer of Criminology at Roehampton University Finola Farrant and Criminology student Nithiya gave a brief presentation on a study they conducted, which was to critically evaluate the Wormwood Scrubs Community Chaplaincy mentoring scheme. Data collection included semi-structured interviews and a focus group.  Statistical analysis was also undertaken. The evaluation identified a number of successes for the mentoring scheme e.g. mentors have forged positive relationships with mentees, have been trained to a high standard and have increased the mentees involvement in education, training & employment. In addition, areas for development have been highlighted e.g. A database is needed to store data about the mentors and mentees. There is also a need for empirical evidence to be collected and more mentees signed up to the scheme.

Mentoring in NOMS: June 2011

NOMS highlights Community Chaplaincy in the South West in their article on mentoring, written for Volunteer’s Week (1-7 June). Read more here.

Extent of Community Chaplaincy Revealed: March 2011

Statistics gathered by the Community Chaplaincy Association (CCA) reveal that during 2010 no fewer than 1,354 ex-prisoners were supported by Community Chaplains across the country. This support was provided by 50 paid staff and 487 volunteers working across 18 projects from Durham to Cornwall. Read the full article here. Saved as document press release.